NECBAC Stands in Solidarity With Protesters

June 1, 2020

The Northeast Consortium Bridging Access to College (NECBAC) stands in solidarity with protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota following the murder of George Floyd by law enforcement officers. We remember Mr. Floyd and countless others, and we will no longer tolerate the systemic inequity that led to his murder. For those protesting, we are with you.

The purpose of NECBAC is to provide support to underrepresented students of color in their pursuit of higher education, and to support professionals of color in the field of college admission. Our goals are twofold, but our message is singular: we have a professional imperative to engage in anti-racist work. This is not optional.

We admire the University of Minnesota’s leadership for their decision to no longer contract the Minneapolis Police Department for special events. We urge leaders in higher education to enact similar change in their spheres of influence. We stand in solidarity.