NECBAC Member Institutions: A Call to Action

June 11, 2020

June 5, 2020


To the leadership of the admission and/or enrollment management team of our member institutions,


As the leader of a NECBAC member institution, you have stated your commitment to enrolling and supporting students of color and supporting professionals of color in your office. As we experience, and hopefully are contributing to, this racial justice movement, I am calling on you to affirm or implement three action items: 


  1. Make space for professionals of color in your office to practice self-care. I recommend a firm and clear statement from the leader of the organization that prioritizes the emotional well-being of professionals of color, but this can also be practiced through your supervisory structure. 
  2. Implement and/or reaffirm training plans on racial identity in the workplace. It is imperative to capitalize on the forward momentum created by this time in our collective history. There are undoubtedly a number of resources on your campus that can assist you to develop and implement a training plan. Now is the time to schedule them, which signals to your staff that your office values and supports the practice of anti-racism. 
  3. Acknowledge the continued systemic and overt anti-Black racism, and invite open colloquy at your staff meetings. Dialogue is fundamental to creating cross cultural understanding, and staff meetings are an excellent time to engage in open conversation. Learning and growth should be an agenda item. 


I am able, willing, and happy to have a conversation if you would like to speak further about any of these action items. Now is the time for action!


In collaboration, 


Mandy Hart

NECBAC President