NECBAC College Fair for EMERGE

June 23, 2016

Boston, MA – On June 10th , 2016, The New England Consortium Bridging Access to College (NECBAC)

hosted students and counselors from EMERGE-HISD (Houston Independent School District) at Boston

College for the second annual college fair.  “Every opportunity we have to assist students with

knowledge of colleges that are outside of their region is a huge opportunity.  To have the ability to work

with such a phenomenal group like EMERGE for the second year has been truly an amazing opportunity.

 This group has been very engaged and asked mature questions while being honest about their

experiences and expectations from life.  I look forward to building on this partnership as we help to

shape the lives of the students of tomorrow,” said NECBAC president, Alick Letang.  Short interviews

were offered for students who were particularly interested in a specific college and then the event

transitioned into a more traditional college fair.  One EMERGE student, Monica Sanchez, said of the

event, “I feel like EMERGE has given me a huge opportunity to be able to see a variety of schools and

realize my likes and dislikes as well as find out how schools can contribute to my future.  I’m just really

thankful to EMERGE and to these colleges.”  There were dozens of New England colleges represented at

the event including but not limited to Dartmouth College, Boston College, Bentley University, Trinity

College, Assumption College, Colby College, Amherst College, Berklee College of Music, University of

Massachusetts Amherst, Fairfield University, Middlebury College, Wesleyan University, WPI,

Hampshire and St. Michael’s University.