Friends and colleagues,

Thank you for visiting our website! The Northeast Consortium Bridging Access to College (NECBAC) has been committed to diversifying higher education for over 40 years. The goals of the organization are two-fold. Higher education in the United States was historically built for white, upper class men. Our work as an organization is situated in expanding that access for high school graduates across the country. Secondly, we prioritize the success and support of admission counselors of color at predominantly or historically white institutions. Representation in the field of Admission matters to your future students, as do the affinity spaces that you have on campus to support students of color. Affinity spaces matter for professionals too.  NECBAC has long served as an affinity space for admission professionals of color, and we will continue to hold outcome as a high priority.

Access to higher education for underrepresented students looks different today than it did during NECBACs founding in 1976. Our field has faced public scrutiny as we enroll more diverse student bodies than ever. The benefits of a compositionally diverse student body are three-fold:

1)      Our classrooms are better. Learning is enhanced by the multiplicity of perspectives that we represent around our tables, the complexity of discourse in our dining halls, and our ability to encounter people who think differently than we do will serve us well in our partisan world.

2)      Businesspeople, lawmakers, engineers, teachers, doctors, etc. influence who is prioritized and whose voices are elevated. By diversifying professions that require bachelor’s degrees, our communities change.

3)      Demographic shifts tell us that we must continue to enroll a more diverse student body if we want to keep our doors open.

NECBAC is a powerful space for professional and personal development. If you’re here because you’re exploring the possibilities of membership, please visit our How to Join page. We look forward to working together to promote access to higher education, and to lift up our professional colleagues.

Mandy Hart

NECBAC President 2019-2021