Greetings and Salutations!

It gives me the greatest feeling of honor and accomplishment to be recognized by my colleagues and mentors as a leader amongst this fine coalition of professionals in academia. As an institutional member and current President of the Northeastern Consortium Bridging Access To College (NECBAC), I wish to extend a warm welcome to the longtime advocates and future aspiring leaders across the fields of secondary and higher education!

My career in education began during undergrad as I volunteered to be an after-school mentor for first gen black youth out of a charter school in East Atlanta, minutes away from where I grew up. It was here where I made a promise to devote my quest for knowledge in empowering these students to access a fruitful, academic experience. In turn, this academic experience would inspire their communities to create a new narrative of success and prosperity like never before. Unbeknownst at the time, my spirit of advocacy and mission of access was overlapping with yet another mission already established by the founding members of the NECBAC some years ago. That mission continues to remain at the forefront of this organization’s endeavors: remain steadfast and forever emboldened to create as many means of access and enrichment for first generation college seekers.

Over 40 years after its establishment, NECBAC has managed to give hundreds of professionals and advocates in education a vehicle to impact change within their institutions and communities. Though the current time and climate of our society may prove to be tumultuous and trial-stricken under a willfully blinded administration, NECBAC forges ahead in creating more means of access to higher education and revolutionary concepts of diversity and inclusion to institutions of higher learning across the northeast.  In the face of stark opposition and critical times that have cost the lives and livelihood of our youth, it is our collective perseverance that is needed now more than ever. May we continue to find rejuvenation, empowering strength, and a sacred spirit of joyous celebration as we continue to hold space for this gathering of determined souls and innovative minds!


Miguel Santiago