The Northeast Consortium Bridging Access to College (NECBAC) is a chartered, non-profit organization of professional admission representatives of color affiliated with four-year private colleges and universities who are dedicated to promoting enrollment and retention of students of color.

NECBAC was formally established on June 4, 1976 with twelve members. Today, it is a thriving organization with member institutions from all six New England states.

Our mission is, as stated above, to counsel students of color on their post-secondary educational choices as well as to provide professional support for all of our members.

As an organization we hope to collectively provide and exchange information pertaining to recruitment and admission policies. We also aim to provide services for others through publications and programs that contribute to the advancement of all people of color in higher education.

In addition, NECBAC confronts and addresses issues pertaining to the rights and privileges of all people of color as we actively maintain a network of professional opportunities.