I am truly honored to be part of such a dynamic group of individuals and a member of this fine consortium of institutions.  As a member of the Northeast Consortium Bridging Access to College (NECABC), you will nurture your creative spirit and talents, explore new ideas that inspire and enlighten both the students that you serve as well as your colleagues.

By participating in our rich history, as we approach 40 years, you will gain access to collaborate with regional and national organizations and community partners for events like Camp College New England and more.  Given the challenges that we face in the recruitment and retention of low-income students, first-generation students and students of color each year, we work harder to reach out to those students and their families.  Given the rising cost of education in times where so many struggle, we strive to demonstrate that college is indeed an option for everyone interested!  We believe in this message and strive to share it with every young person we encounter.  In this endeavor, we continue to build on national alliances and resources.

Within NECBAC, you will find a supportive environment, which embodies the values of respect, honor, and community. You will be part of a diverse community that expects a lot from you, intellectually and personally.  Helping to create this atmosphere, our extraordinarily dedicated and talented Executive Board will help you discover your passions and experience the satisfaction of hard work and achievement.  NECBAC has been and still is very important in my everyday, ever changing, adaptive, fast-paced and flexible life.  At NECBAC, I truly feel that you will find the structure, flexibility and support to do it all.  And when you’re ready, you’ll find yourself prepared to lead!

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the depth and breadth of our organization and consider becoming a member to have full-access to our knowledge center. We also welcome and encourage your feedback and suggestions about how we can continue to push for equity and access.  If you are interested in learning more about how your institution can become a part of NECBAC, please feel free to contact me or any other member of our executive board.

On behalf of the Members of NECBAC, I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the community.


Alick Lètang, M.B.A., M.S.